Prague Green Map

Looking for nice and interesting places? Then we have a tip for you, a Green map of Prague. And it is not just like any map. Unlike conventional maps, which are focused mainly on transport, it displays fine public spaces, green areas, cosy cafés, local shops, quiet places, galleries or even farmers‘ markets. It represents a completely new view of the city and it shows pleasant routes for pedestrians, parents with children, seniors and cyclists.

We have published the Green map in the printed edition already twice. In 2010, volunteers mapped the centre of Prague for the first time, about two years later, thanks to their help, we updated the information and the second edition was published. The Green Map is free of charge and can be found in the selected enterprises or in the Auto*Mat stall.

Since 2011 there is also an online Green map where you can add by yourself interesting places, to filter information according to your interests or to visit virtually the outskirts of Prague that the printed version does not reach.

The Green Map of Prague is part of an international project called International Green Map System.