Our efforts

The keys to improve the quality of life in the city is a modern transport system and quality public space. Prague, supporting today mainly inefficient car use, should offer better possibilities for car-free transport.

Our mission is therefor to promote and develop the use of car-free transport (cycling and walking) and to emphasise the importance of the human-oriented public space. Auto*Mat therefore co-operates with local politicians, transport experts, architects, non-profit organizations, researchers, artists, urban cyclists, seniors, parents and children – with all inhabitants of Prague, who are not indifferent to their city surroundings.

From the position of an independent supervisor and the proposer we focuse on development of the infrastructure of cycling transport and improve the safety and friendliness of streets for their inhabitants and pedestrians.

We monitor and respond to current issues and affairs in the area of public space and transport in Prague. We participate in meetings of specialized working groups and committees and council meetings in Prague and we prepare our own expert studies. We make comments on the city’s budget and promote reasonable support of development of different means of transportation, not only car transport.